apparel manufacturing services

What are the Apparel Manufacturing Services?


In Apparel Manufacturing services, our first step is to fully understand what you are trying to do. Whether it is a badge, a clothing design, an industrial product, or something else, we make sure we have a clear idea of what you need.


Once the design team has a clear understanding of your needs, we will run your ideas through a series of realistic and rendered digital sketches or 3D models that will be presented for your full feedback. With a team of passionate designers, we can create bespoke clothing that reflects the core of your brand. No matter what style you have, you and your brand always look your best with a design that defines “you”.


With the design details at hand, whether it’s a product or a website, we’ll complete it. Our production and ecommerce team can deliver it for you.

How our tech pack designers work:

 We do great tech pack design work with our global community of professional tech pack designers. If you’d like to speak to someone, speak to one of our tech pack experts. Whether you need a new logo or just want to update the existing one, the team of passionate designers at G Studio can create something unusual and valuable for your brand.

Apparel Manufacturing Services:

Our apparel manufacturing service enables you, to try out and adapt the entire product line with the best fabrics. With a team of more than 10 passionate tech pack designers, we can create a wide range of industrial products to meet your growing market needs! Not only can we design a great website / online store for you, but our development team can set up and optimize the entire store with products to increase sales. With a professional photography studio, world-class equipment, and a dedicated team, G Studio can create stunning photography and video photography to aid you in showcasing your products.

Everything you need to create at your new line of products. We create projects, develop tech packs, produce samples, prepare offers and even manufacture your products. We are providing you with these services under one rooftop at G Studio.