tech packs

What are the differences between technical packs or tech packs and spec sheets?

If you’ve been in the design business for a while, you’ve probably heard the term “technical packs” or spec sheets from time to time. While your spec sheet is another important tool in bringing your design vision to life, there are some key differences between technical packs and spec sheets that you should understand before proceeding.

Technical pack and spec sheets

A technical pack and spec sheet is a document that describes most of the important details of your project. Show a finished drawing of your project and a technical drawing for the manufacturer.

This document should provide all the technical details needed to make your clothing and provide good measurements, relevant details, and relevant information about accessories or printing on a good datasheet.

Technical packs

Your datasheet is in your technical pack, but many more too. In addition to the datasheet, this document also includes a professional cover sheet and an assessment sheet.

Your rating sheet will provide information about the original garment measurements and information on how to scale these measurements to make custom or standard sizes. A tech pack gives a designer or fashion brand more space to get all the details a modifier or manufacturer might need to create a final clothing product. However, all the details in this document must be correct if you are to finish a product similar to the design you have developed.

Bring your fashion brand to life with the help of technical packs

A tech pack contains a lot of information that is sometimes very large. If you need help, you can turn your ideas into workable specifications by consulting your clothing manufacturer or technical designer. Before sending your tech pack to the apparel manufacturer, review the information to the extent that you feel confident in your branding project. This step can help you avoid communication problems or issues.

Should you hire a specialist or create a technical pack yourself?

Creating a technical pack alone is not an easy process. You need to have a working knowledge of Excel and Word and put together finished documents that the various product developers you work with can print and make your dream clothes fly.

If you think a technical pack is what it takes for you to do it yourself, this could save you some money. However, if you make mistakes, it can create serious problems with your end product.