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How you can get tech pack services instantly in 2021?

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What is a tech pack?

A tech pack, also known as a technical pack or technical specification sheet in the industry, is basically a set of very detailed instructions on how to produce a garment during the sampling and clothing manufacturing process. You can think of this as a recipe for clothing. A tech pack has everything you need to make the garment, plus instructions on how to make it – fabrics, stitches, measurements, colors, and more are listed along with photos and CAD (computer-aided design, basically sketches).

Tech packs are also useful as a working document that keeps all changes and revisions from the sampling process to production in one place.

Why is the tech pack important?

Tech pack is important because most factories won’t work with you if you don’t have them. When you turn to factories to work with them, the first thing they ask for is a tech pack. Do yourself a favor and don’t go to factories where all you can do is say, “I make the right yoga pants out of recycled plastic.” You will play as an amateur and the factory will not take you seriously. Even if they agree to work with you, I can assure you that they will strengthen your holiness and will likely pay you at least twice. So be organized and try to be professional before starting your range.

Why do factories need tech packs?

Tech Pack – Clear communication:

Factories only need the information they need to make your clothes. I don’t speak a little. With a tech pack, everything you need to get in one place is clear, concise, and easy to use. This saves them time. And whenever you can do something in the factory to save time, they will love you more.

Tech Pack ensures that nothing is forgotten:

With this proven Tech Pack method, you make sure nothing is forgotten. Nothing drives factories crazy to get half the information they need. The Tech Pack document can help ensure that everything you need is used efficiently.

Tech Pack is Organizational:

A tech pack keeps track of everything. They will be added to the tech pack as the revisions proceed. This way, you can open a document and see where your product started and where it is now. This eliminates any confusion about how the product worked and what changed or not.

Tech Pack is good for teamwork:

As I said, sometimes ALL the information you need is in one place. This makes sharing with a team easier because everyone has access to the same thing at the same time, from the designers to the sales team.

What is included in a tech pack?

Technical sketches:

These sketches are also called a Flats. This is because they are drawings of what a garment would look like when placed on a table. There are usually at least two (but possibly larger) sketches of the front and back of the garment here. Sometimes there is even an accurate detailed sketch.

Sample sizes and dimensions in tech pack:

Typically, choose small or medium-sized brands for sampling. This section contains all measurements of all clothing sizes in that single size.

Construction details in a technical pack:

This sketch highlights all the details of the garment, for example, B. belt strips, buttons, buttoning, or other noteworthy items. Technical data can also be included in technical drawings to save printer time and paper.

Think of this as a list of ingredients in your clothing recipe.

It’s a list of all the materials that will go with your clothing, from labels and tags to fabric and thread.

Stitches and seams (Tech Pack):

This section describes in detail how to seal the garment

Branding and graphics:

The tag and label graphics can be found here. As well as works of art for fabric prints or screen prints for graphic t-shirts.

Measurement / evaluation specifications:

Once you find the perfect sample based on the size of your sample, you will need to select additional sizes in production. This section provides measurements for all clothing of all sizes.

Instructions for the measuring point:

These are instructions for measuring the garment to make sure it matches the sample size and evaluation measurements. It leaves no room for interpretation.

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